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         This talk will give a survey of Sage's capabilities for computations with
         elliptic curves, including some recent developments and a wish-list of
  possible future developments.

Sage days 10 in Nancy (France)

October 10 to 15, 2008 at the Lorraine Laboratory of IT Research and its Applications (Loria)


Please register on the [http://registration.net-resa.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/gnetresa.woa/wa/newParticipant?idevt=281&profil=396 registration website].

See the [http://www.loria.fr/~zimmerma/sd10_participants.pdf list of participants].

Program committee

  • Michael Abshoff
  • Timothy Daly
  • Laurent Fousse
  • Clément Pernet
  • Ludovic Perret
  • Paul Zimmermann

The following program is preliminary.


See [http://www.loria.fr/~zimmerma/sd10_schedule.pdf the full program in pdf format].

  • October 10: Linear Algebra (chair Clement Pernet)
    • Invited speakers: Contributing speakers:
      • Martin Albrecht: [:/MAlbrechtTalk: Matrix multiplication over GF(2) in the M4RI library]
      • Gregory Bard : Using Graph Theory to Control Fill-in for Sparse Matrix Reduction to RREF over Fields of non-zero characteristic
      • [http://www.rlmiller.org Robert Miller]: [:/RMillerTalk: An example of implementing automorphism groups: linear codes]

  • October 11: Elliptic Curves (chair Laurent Fousse)
  • October 11: Sage-Combinat (chair Nicolas Thiery) (follows the Elliptic Curves session)
    • Invited Speakers:
      • Florent Hivert and Nicolas Thiéry: *-Combinat: Sharing Algebraic Combinatorics since 2000
      Contribution speakers:
      • Mike Hansen: Decomposable Objects and combinatorial species
      • Robert Miller: Partition Refinement for Classification
      • Franco Saliola: Posets and words in Sage-Combinat
  • October 12: Groebner Bases (chair Ludovic Perret)
    • Invited speakers: Contributing speakers:
      • B. Erocal : [:/BurcinErocalTalk: SCrypt: Symbolic computation assists algebraic cryptanalysis]

      • M. Brickenstein : Secrets of Singular and PolyBoRi

        • This talk presents techniques for Gröbner bases calculations implemented in the computer algebra system Singular and the

          PolyBoRi framework. I will consider

          • data structures
          • algorithms
          and give application examples, show their structure and explain how to exploit it.
      • [http://www-calfor.lip6.fr/~renault/index.html Guénaël Renault]: [:/GuenaelRenaultTalk: Computation of the Triangular Representation of a Splitting Field]

  • October 13-15: Coding Sprints (chair Michael Abshoff)
  • October 14: SAGE Demo by Robert Bradshaw at 17h.

Standard day schedule is as follows:

  • 09h30-10h00 Arrival/registration
  • 10h00-11h00 Invited Talk 1
  • 11h00-11h30 Coffee Break
  • 11h30-12h00 Contributed Talk 1
  • 12h00-14h00 Lunch Break
  • 14h00-15h00 Invited Talk 2
  • 15h00-15h30 Coffee Break
  • 15h30-16h00 Contributed Talk 2
  • 16h00-16h30 Contributed Talk 3

The Sage Days 10 dinner will take place on the 11th.


[http://www.loria.fr/presentation-en Loria] [http://cado.gforge.inria.fr/workshop/venue.html Coming to Loria (webpage from another event, don't be confused).]

   Campus Scientifique
   54506 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy

[http://maps.google.fr/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&ie=UTF8&ll=48.665497,6.157295&spn=0.002643,0.00501&t=h&z=18 Google Maps]


Close events

You may be interested in the [http://cado.gforge.inria.fr/workshop/ CADO project workshop] which will occur at the same place, October 7-9.


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