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= Cython =

Chris Swierczewski

The following is a missing piece of documentation for adding new .pyx to the Sage library: See [http://www.sagemath.org/doc/html/prog/node40.html 5.2] of the [http://www.sagemath.org/doc/html/prog/prog.html Sage Programming Guide].


Writing Optimized Compiled Code with Sage


Creating .pyx Files in the Sage Library

Suppose you want a more permanent way of including your optimized Cython code in Sage. Perhaps you want to contribute to the Sage project? This guide will show you how to create a simple Cython module and then link it to the Sage library so that your code will appear in future versions of Sage.


Opentick provides free real-time and historical market data for trading systems and trading platforms. See www.opentick.com.

This package is used by the sage.finance module.

opentick1.1 (Chris Swierczewski, 27 Aug 2008)

  • Checkout from cvs -d :pserver:[email protected]:/var/cvs co otfeed1.1-dev (Note that this currently does not work! Results in following error message:)

    •    cvs [checkout aborted]: connect to cvs.opentick.com( failed: No route to host

    For now, download from http://cvs.opentick.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/otfeed1.1-dev/otfeed1.1-dev.tar.gz?tarball=1.

  • Download patch from http://otfeed-patches.googlecode.com/files/otfeed1.1-dev-autotools.patch into top-level folder so that compiler can use GNU autotools.

  • Apply patch using the following command:
    •    $ patch -p1 < otfeed1.1-dev-autotools.patch 
           patching file Applications/HistCsv/Include/Makefile.am 
           patching file Applications/HistCsv/Makefile 
           patching file Applications/HistCsv/Makefile.am 
           patching file Applications/HistCsv/Sources/Makefile.am 
           patching file Applications/Makefile.am 
           patching file AUTHORS 
           patching file ChangeLog 
           patching file configure.ac 
           patching file COPYING 
           patching file Include/Makefile.am 
           patching file INSTALL 
           patching file Makefile.am 
           patching file NEWS 
           patching file OTFeed.CPP/Include/Makefile.am 
           patching file OTFeed.CPP/Makefile 
           patching file OTFeed.CPP/Makefile.am 
           patching file OTFeed.CPP/Sources/Makefile.am 
           patching file README 
           patching file Samples/Linux/Makefile 
           patching file Samples/Linux/Makefile.am 
           patching file Samples/Makefile.am
  • Bootstrap the autotool build system:
    •    $ autoreconf -i 
           configure.ac:8: installing `./missing' 
           configure.ac:8: installing `./install-sh' 
           Applications/HistCsv/Sources/Makefile.am: installing `./depcomp'
  • Configure, make, and install Opentick source in src/ to $SAGE_ROOT. Libraries are put into $SAGE_LOCAL/lib and headers into $SAGE_LOCAL/include:

    •    ./configure --prefix=$SAGE_LOCAL
         make install
  • Make and install C++ binary, otwrapper. Binary is copied to $SAGE_LOCAL/bin

    •    cd otwrapper
         make install

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