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The results: http://trac.sagemath.org/sage_trac/milestone/sage-2.8.5
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 * The base version of SAGE we'll start with is here: sage-2.x, which you can upgrade to.  * The base version of SAGE we'll start with is here: sage-, which you can upgrade to using "sage -upgrade"

SAGE Bug Squash Day 3

The event will take place on THURSDAY September 20th, 2007 and officially start at 10 am pacific standard time. It will go on for 12 hours (until 10pm) and some people will usually meet the day after and finish up some of the leftovers.

Remember the "Twisted Rule" -- Don't work on anything unless there is a trac ticket for it.

The results: http://trac.sagemath.org/sage_trac/milestone/sage-2.8.5

  • [:bug3/status: STATUS]
  • [:bug3/irc: IRC log]
  • [:bug3/Results: Results]
  • The base version of SAGE we'll start with is here: sage-, which you can upgrade to using "sage -upgrade"
  • The trac server with all the bugs is here:
  • We will focus on the bugs listed here: TBA
    • However, people with other interests can of course help out with fixing anything they want.
  • Write to [email protected] for an account on the bug tracker.

  • We'll all be on #sage-devel at irc.freenode.net.

From Linux you can chat via a text console by installing "irssi", running it, and typing 
  /SERVER add irc.freenode.net 
  /SERVER irc.freenode.net
  /join #sage-devel

Participants (with area they would like to work on)

  1. Michael Abshoff: Solaris port, Memleaks
  2. Martin Albrecht: memleaks & maybe libSINGULAR enhancements

  3. Nick Alexander (until 3pm).
  4. Robert Bradshaw:
  5. Timothy Clemans (evening maybe): Notebook bugs
  6. Didier Deshommes: opensolaris (x86) port
  7. Burcin Erocal: memleaks
  8. Mike Hansen: combinatorics stuff, python-nose, misc. bug fixes.
  9. Robert Miller: reproducing dsage bug
  10. Bobby Moretti (after 5pm).
  11. William Stein (10am -- 10pm): Integrating all the fixes as they come in, then releasing a new Sage version.
  12. Tom Boothby (10am -- 5pm; 6pm -- 10pm): AbelianGroup

  13. David Harvey: yeah bugs and stuff


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