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The Sage 2.8.3 release is planned for August 24th, 2007.

This page should act a place where we collect the changes in one central location in order to avoid a last minute rush and forget some of the changes.

New features:

  • Add as needed

Tickets fixed (please add new resolved issues in ascending order of ticket numer):

  • William Stein: #2 Notebook locking (To quote William: "This was fixed decades ago!")
  • William Stein: #167 sage web site fixes
  • Robert Bradshaw: #176 sagex -- add support for the "//" --> floordiv operator (this was done prior to Sage 2.8, we do not know exactly when)

  • William Stein: #225 loading files and worksheets from urls
  • Didier Deshommes, Robert Brahshaw: #233 Create QDRF -- quad double real field (this was done prior to Sage 2.8, we do not know exactly when)
  • Willaim Stein: #434 bug in mwrank interface -- something doesn't work
  • Paul-Olivier Dehaye: #439 Interface with remote programs allowing for as many hops as needed
  • Juan M. Bello Rivas: #472 Drop dependencies on flex and bison

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