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The Sage Magazine is a periodic and numbered publication about Sage. It is published monthly or every two month, depending on the number of submissions in the style of a regular journal - but less "formal". Therefore it is something in between of blog entries and scientific publications. It will feature articles about Sage and explains major changes in Sage since the last issue.

Naming possible candidates for a Name, because "Sage Journal" got "-2" or less:


list of possible topics an issue could/should cover.

remember that this magazine will still be available years after publishing. therefore it should be "timeless".

topics not to cover:


Issues are numbered by the <year>-<month> of their release. Maybe every two month, depending on the number of submissions.


Volume 2008-0x

possible topics:

Volume 2008-xx

second issue, possible topics:


resources for article ideas:

as mentioned on the first page of this wiki: contributions are licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.


possible style to cite an article

  author = {Name of Author},
  title = {Title of Article},
  journal = {Sage Magazine},
  year = xxxx,
  volume = x,
  number = x,
  pages = {xx--xx},
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Prerequisites / TODO


Before releasing the first volume, we need:


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