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ghtdak's repo, which he (I) uses internally to sync all my machines, is both a gitweb style http server and a repo
which can be pulled / cloned from. You can't push to it... (you wouldn't want to do that anyway)
 GlennTarbox/HgDevelopment: Information on how to do development and find the code for this project
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http://tarbox.org:9000 = Things to Work On =
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browse away... but if you want to clone / pull, you should read the mercurial docs... but some hints.

If you want a clean all by itself repo with all the history from the beginning of time:

hg clone http://tarbox.org:9000 sage-ght

remember about branches. Some helpful commands

 * hg help branches
 * hg help branch
 * hg help clone
 * hg update -C finpatch
 * Some Thoughts at: GlennTarbox/FinanceTasks


Quantitative Finance in Sage



  • [:WilliamStein:William Stein]

  • [:GlennTarbox:GlennTarbox]

  • Brett Nakashima
  • Christopher Swierczewski




Things to Work On

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