Sage community expectations

The aim of this page is to build a SHORT document that just say who we are and what we expect?

  1. Why Sage: Need for a common free open source software to share the efforts.
  2. Everybody is welcome to:
    • use the software
    • disseminate the software
    • talk about the software
    • organize sage days
    • provide bugs report or enhancement proposals
    • contribute to the source code
    • Any of these actions make you an element of the Sage community.
  3. All decisions concerning approval of source code, designs, etc are discussed on the mailing list XYZ and on the relevant trac tickets.
  4. Many professional mathematicians and computer scientists are unusually considerate sensitive people, who choose mathematics as a career partly because they greatly appreciate the extent to which discourse about mathematics and among mathematicians is very civil and about the mathematics itself, rather than politics and personal attacks. Such people have little patience for being involved in a community that is not exceptionally civil. Many of these people can contribute enormously to Sage, implementing code that only they can implement, which takes thousands of hours of careful thought, benchmarking, design, and coding. They are extremely valuable to our project and community.
    • If you feel hurted, make the point on the mailing list: you will get support from the community to find a solution. Do not start Any exclusions should be collective decisions not by some oligarchy, and should allow for reinstatement if the perpetrators are contrite.
  5. All contributions are welcome but keep in mind that your work will be used by other people and you in turn will depend on the work of others. Any decision you take will affect users and developers so you should take those consequences into account when making decisions. Conversely, Sage is constantly evolving, and earlier decisions that were made in good faith may sometimes need to be reconsidered. Nonetheless, we should still appreciate the hard work done in the past.

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