A Roadmap for Optimization and Polyhedral Geometry softwares interactions

(around Sage, (PyQ)Normaliz, SCIP, e-antic, Polymake, and others)

This page is intended to describe the current status of development of Sage related to optimization and polyhedral geometry.

Future & Current Projects


Sage Days 84 on Polytopes in Olot


Here are some practical lists of tickets:

Tickets from the Sage Days 84 March 2017

Tickets from the IMA Coding Sprint - April 2018

Tickets with keyword polytope

Current tickets of the Geometry component


There are already a few meta-tickets related to this topic:

To do

Progress Report Timeline

April 2018


Here are improvements realized during the Coding Sprints at the IMA in Minneapolis to objects related to polyhedron in Sage:




https://pypi.python.org/pypi/PyNormaliz https://github.com/Normaliz/PyNormaliz

PyNormaliz (last version is 1.17):

PyQNormaliz (current beta is 0.2, not available on PIPy):



Sage devel discussion



== Short Sage Release Notes ==

Sage 8.3

Sage 8.2

Sage 8.1

Sage 8.0

Here is a sample of changes related to Polyhedral Geometry in this release.

Sage 7.6

Here is a sample of changes related to Polyhedral Geometry in this release:

A list of other Polyhedral Geometry softwares

What are other softwares dealing with polyhedral geometry? Here is a non-exhaustive list.