Developing Python/Sage with Netbeans

Netbeans is a GUI development environment. The following instructions explain how to work on Sage, for Linux (Ubuntu 8.10, but should work everywhere).






  1. cd $SAGE_ROOT
  2. ./sage -sh
    • note, that $HOME still points to your home dir
  3. $NETBEANS_ROOT/bin/netbeans
  4. File > New Project - Python > with existing sources

    • Name: "SageNetbeans" or what you like, save it in your $HOME dir

    • Python platform: Manage - "New..." - select Python executable "$SAGE_ROOT/bin/python", name it "Python 2.5.2 Sage"
    • select "Python 2.5.2 Sage" on the left, on the right in tab "Python Path" you can see the paths are in $SAGE_ROOT/local/lib/... (maybe click "auto detect" ?)
  5. next > source root folder: "$SAGE_ROOT/devel/sage/sage" - finish!



Netbeans supports Merucrial out of the box. Right-click on files in "File" window (Window>Files), see local diffs in a special diff window, commit changes, undo local changes. The Netbeans editor itself also supports nonlinear undos, right click on the left side of a highlighted change, see the diff, change only this part as in the local repository.

Trac Integration

It is theoretically possible to integrate Netbeans with Trac using CubeĀ°n. Maybe someone wants to look deeper into this ...

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