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See attachment:MPolynomialSystem/mpolynomialsystem.py
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See attachment:MPolynomialSystem/mpolynomialsystemgenerator.py
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 * AES  * AES (SR) see attachment:MPolynomialSystem/sr.py might still contain bugs
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== Files ==



This page's purpose is to describe the design of a MPolynomialSystem class. This class is supposed to model multivariate polynomial systems as they e.g. appear in algebraic cryptanalysis. The proposed and almost implemented design is as follows. There is a class MPolynomialSystem which models the actual polynomial system. Also there is a base class called MPolynomialSystemGenerator which is meant as a base class for specific generators for polynomial systems like AES or the Courtois Toy Cipher.


See attachment:MPolynomialSystem/mpolynomialsystem.py


See attachment:MPolynomialSystem/mpolynomialsystemgenerator.py

Implemented Polynomial System generators

  • AES (SR) see attachment:MPolynomialSystem/sr.py might still contain bugs
  • CTC



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