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  * state: end of life, replaced by [[cloud.sagemath.com]]   * state: end of life, replaced by [[http://cloud.sagemath.com]]

This page aims to keep information public about Sage's infrastructure. Question mark means that the information is not confirmed, please do not hesitate to edit if you know more.

Please mark which services still need to find a new home, with the system requirements and the deadline.

Current services


  • registrant: was
  • admin: was, schilly
  • tech contact: was, schilly


  • purpose: webserver wher users can get support
  • hosted at: Ohio State University (Niles Johnson's university)
  • technology used: ubuntu, nginx, uwsgi, postgesql, askbot
  • resources needed: database on a separate VM, 2GB RAM, 10GB disk
  • admins: niles, tmonteil, vedlecroix, slelievre, kcrisman, mhansen
  • contact: [email protected]


  • purpose: distribute and gathers automatic binary building on volunteer's machines
  • hosted at: ?UW?
  • technology used: ubuntu, nginx: see buildbot for more details

  • resources needed: ?CPU ?RAM ?DISK
  • admins: ??
  • contact: ??

doc.sagemath.org planet.sagemath.org www.sagemath.org

  • purpose: on-line browsable documentation + web homepage
  • hosted at: github.io
  • technology used: proprietary
  • resources needed: 0 CPU, 0 RAM, 0 DISK
  • admins: everyone who is on the github group for sagemath
  • contact: schilly for the website

git.sagemath.org and trac.sagemath.org

  • purpose: development tools, they share the same host
  • hosted at: ?UW?
  • technology used: ubuntu, apache, git, trac
  • resources needed: ?CPU ?RAM ?DISK
  • admins: ?
  • contact: ?


  • purpose: distribute and gathers automatic ticket testing on volunteer's machines
  • hosted at: ?UW?
  • technology used: ubuntu, custom flask, mongodb, see buildbot for more details

  • resources needed: Minimal CPU, RAM. ~25GB disk.
  • admins: robertwb
  • contact: robertwb



  • purpose: the seed for mirrors, see MirrorNetwork for more details

  • hosted at: UW
  • technology used: rsync
  • resources needed:
    • CPU 1 core
    • RAM 2-3 gb (mostly for caching when calculating hashes)
    • DISK enough for all sage files (50+ GB)
  • admins: schilly
  • contact: schilly


  • purpose: allow embedding sage computations within a webpage
  • hosted at:
    • Goethe-Universität (Frankfurt, Germany)
    • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
    • Google Compute Engine (Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA)
  • technology used: production installation requires a dedicated server (either physical or virtual)
  • resources needed:
    • RAM: 32GB recommended for smooth operation, 16GB may become enough in the future
    • CPU: the more the better for handling spikes in load and allowing parallel interacts, but any will do if necessary
    • DISK: must have BTRFS at least for /var/lib/lxc, SSD is preferable, 100GB should be sufficient for the foreseeable future
  • admins: novoselt
  • contact: novoselt


  • purpose: public notebook,
  • state: end of life, replaced by http://cloud.sagemath.com

  • volunteers: dimpase, tmonteil, vdelecroix


  • purpose: the wiki you are currently reading!
  • hosted at: ?UW?
  • technology used: ubuntu, apache, moinmoin
  • resources needed: ?CPU ?RAM ?DISK
  • admins: ?
  • contact: ?
  • possible issue in migration: it share the same db of users acounts than trac.

sagemath files

  • purpose: main files for rsync and backup of "other" files
  • hosted at: UW and other places ?
  • schilly: this should get its own subdomain files.sagemath.org

Planned services (wishlist)

schilly: who wishes this and did define those purposes based on what discussion?


  • purpose: backup between remote hosts, local backups can be destroyed
    • schilly: backup of what?


  • purpose: stop feeding google-analytics database
    • schilly: strong objection, we have a long time history stored there and it's far better than any other tools
  • public stats are here http://www.histats.com/viewstats/?SID=1579950&f=2

    • novoselt: horrific page - I thought such blinking adds are a thing of the past, had to close it before finding any data


  • purpose: do not depend on googlegroups (see what happened with googleID on ask and sagenb)
    • schilly strong objection: what has this to do with google id?

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