I used a Heuristic approach to narrow down the list of elliptic curves for which \rho_{2,E} is surjective mod 2 but not mod 4 or \rho_{2,E} is surjective mod 4 but not mod. 2not4or4not8v3.sage

The results of the above program for 2not4 curves is li4.sobj 2not4 output.txt

I have verified the results of 2not4 list, using a Galois approach, which involves compute the order of the Gal(Q(E[4])/Q). The program I used is 2not4galoisapproachv2.sage

The results of the above program for 4not8 curves is li8.sobj

I am working on verifying this result using the Galois approach.

Moin2 CSS Style Guide

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Major changes in CSS from Moin 1.x.

Format of CSS rules

Use a dense, one-line style with comments or blank lines to separate unrelated items and create visual white space. Break long lists of attributes into multiple lines and indent the second line with four spaces. Lists of selectors with common attributes should be broken with new lines so selectors are always on the left margin.

Minimize the length of selectors to increase speed and simplify code:

Use color names and 3 or 6 digit hex notation. Use shorthand notations as described here:

Alphabetize lists of attributes. Use spaces to separate attributes and attribute names and values (e.g. spaces after : and ;)

.rcpagelink {width: 33%; }
.rceditor {font-size: 0.88em; white-space: nowrap; }

/* admonition start */
div.warning {background-color: #F9F9FF; border: 1pt solid #E5E5E5; color: black; 
    margin: 10pt 30pt; min-height: 64px; padding-right: 64px; }