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GPLv2+, GPLv3, Apache 2.0
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Google Summer of Code 2009 Application

Here is a list of questions we're expected to answer as a part of the application for Google Summer of Code 2009.

The list of ideas for 2009.

The FAQ for the Google Summer of Code 2009 is here.

Original list of questions

Describe your organization.

Why is your organization applying to participate in GSoC 2009? What do you hope to gain by participating?

Did your organization participate in past GSoCs? If so, please summarize your involvement and the successes and challenges of your participation.

If your organization has not previously participated in GSoC, have you applied in the past? If so, for what year(s)?

What license(s) does your project use?

GPLv2+, GPLv3, Apache 2.0

What is the URL for your ideas page?


What is the main development mailing list or forum for your organization?


What is the main IRC channel for your organization?


Does your organization have an application template you would like to see students use? If so, please provide it now.

What is your plan for dealing with disappearing students?

What is your plan for dealing with disappearing mentors?

What steps will you take to encourage students to interact with your project's community before, during and after the program?

What will you do to ensure that your accepted students stick with the project after GSoC concludes?

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