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== Changes ==

NOTE: About 110 people were added to the DevMap before we kept a log of changes.

Please add changes in chronological order

 1. Arnaud Bergeron (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. Nicolas Borie (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. Hamish Ivey-Law (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. Kwankyu Lee (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. David Loeffler (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. Jason Merrill (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. Guillaume Moroz (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. Brett Nakashima (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. John Perry (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. Nils-Peter Skoruppa (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. Philippe Theveny (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. Igor Tolkov (December 5th, 2008; added information)
 1. Maite Aranes (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Tom Denton (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Amy Glen (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Daniel Gordon (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Alexander Hupfer (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Yann Laigle-Chapuy (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Matthias Meulien (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Ronan Paixão (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. David Perkinson (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Pearu Peterson (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Blair Sutton (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Griffen Thoma (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Georg S. Weber (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Bin Zhang (February 17th, 2009; added information)
 1. Arnaud Bergeron (February 17th, 2009; updated information)
 1. Simon King (February 17th, 2009; updated information)
 1. David Loeffler (February 17th, 2009; updated information)
 1. Jason Merrill (February 17th, 2009; updated information)

The contributors.xml as base for future updates:


Wiki page for new people to devmap:


== Boiler Plate EMail ==

Here is some boiler plate email that should be used:
Hi <name>,

We have been slack about updating Sage's DevMap, which gives credit to
all people who have contributed to Sage. Please check out


So we are finally catching up and we have you listed as a contributor.
In order to properly acknowledge your contribution to Sage, we would
like to add the following credit to that page:

* name: <You Name>
* association: <Your Association>
* contribution: <Your contribution(s)>
* link to personal page: <http://www.your-home-page.com>

But we would like to get your explicit permission to do so. In case we
did not get any of the above information right, please correct and/or
add the information. All of the above besides the name are optional.
We greatly appreciate your contribution to Sage.

In case you have a trac account and aren't listed already we would
also like you to add yourself to the account listing at the bottom of


to make it easier for people to CC you on tickets. This also assures
with next to 100% accuracy that your name will appear correctly
spelled in the release notes :)}}}