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 * '''Harald Schilly''': Fri 10 to Thu 16 <- is the last day including or excluding? i leave on 16th.

Sage Days 10, Youth Hostel accomodation page

We will coordinate a group reservation at the Youth Hostel [http://www.fuaj.org/Nancy# "Un petit coin de Paradis"].

Château de Rémicourt
149, rue de Vandoeuvre
54600 - Villers-les-Nancy
  • It is a walking distance from campus: [http://tinyurl.com/65tmy2 googlemaps],

  • It is 14 euros/night, that we could maybe get slightly down with a group fare,
  • The bed-sheet service and breakfast are included,
  • There is no individual room but small capacity dormitories: 3 to 4 beds each.

Anyone interested to join the group reservation, please register by editing your name in the following list, or send an email at clement . pernet [at] gmail.com.

Please sign up until Septembre 16, so that we could contact the Hostel early enough with a good idea of the number of persons.

List of participants willing to stay at the Youth Hostel

  • Clément Pernet: from thursday 9 to wednesday 15,

  • David Harvey: friday 10th to monday 13th (i.e. 4 nights)

  • Mike Hansen: Friday 10th to Wednesday 15th

  • Robert Bradshaw: Thursday 9 to Wednesday 15

  • Harald Schilly: Fri 10 to Thu 16 <- is the last day including or excluding? i leave on 16th.

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