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 * ''Yair'': '''3D Graphing in PiScript'''. Plotting 3 dimensional functions in PiScript.

Sage days 9 Student Projects

Please add your project to this list. Follow the example.

  • John Doe, Jane Deer: Graphing antlers. The branching of the antlers of three year-old moose and cariboo form intricate mathematical patterns. We will produce an applet that illustrates the growth of these structures.

  • Mclean Edwards, Scott Zhou: "BFGS Iterates". Plotting iterates, in an interactive manner, of the celebrated BFGS method applied to nonconvex and convex functions. Comparison of sage, jyscript/piscript, and our own python-based solutions.

  • Jakub Marecek: Toy Integer Programming Solver. A very limited integer programming solver for instances with 3 variables, but complete with several primal (and possibly branching) heuristics in use today, and nice plots. Coming up soon at http://cs.nott.ac.uk/~jxm/ -- hopefully as a Java WebStart. SVG and PDF Output for JyScript. A quick hack using Apache Batik.

  • Aurel Meyer: Symmetry groups of polytopes. Graphics to illustrate that all symmetry groups of regular polytopes are finite Coxeter groups.

  • Yair: 3D Graphing in PiScript. Plotting 3 dimensional functions in PiScript.

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