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        1. Use colors and @interact of sage to study equations on words.         1. Use colors and @interact of sage to study equations on words.
           [http://wiki.sagemath.org/Days9Projects?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=Equations_on_words_with_color.sws Equations_on_words_with_color.sws]
           Note : The [http://code.google.com/p/sage-words/ sage-words package] is needed to run the precedent sage worksheet.

Sage days 9 Student Projects

Please add your project to this list. Follow the examples that are already there.

  • Mclean Edwards, Scott Zhou: BFGS Iterates. Plotting iterates, in an interactive manner, of the celebrated BFGS method applied to nonconvex and convex functions. Comparison of sage, jyscript/piscript, and our own python-based solutions.

  • Jakub Marecek: Toy Integer Programming Solver. A very limited integer programming solver for instances with 3 variables, but complete with several primal heuristics in use today, and visualising the workings nicely. (Java & vtkHull?)

  • Aurel Meyer: Symmetry groups of polytopes. Graphics to illustrate that all symmetry groups of regular polytopes are finite Coxeter groups.

  • Yair Go1dberg: 3D Graphing in PiScript. Plotting 3 dimensional functions in PiScript.

  • Steve Kieffer: Algebra sketches. Tools with which to produce sketches of a kind often drawn on blackboards to illustrate algebraic structures.

  • Michael Lamoureux: EasyBalls. A 2D animation of colliding balls, maybe with gravity, maybe with E&M if I can get the 3D in there.

  • Ryan Hoban: Hyperbolic Geometry. Using sage to draw geometric structures in the Hyperbolic plane.

  • Sébastien Labbé: Combinatorics on words.

    1. Use colors and @interact of sage to study equations on words.
    2. Use jyscript and jython to create a java applet to illustrate Christoffel words

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