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== Logos and icons == == Logo ==
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== Logos with translated motto ==
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== Logos for web components ==

Logos and icons

You will find here a selection of modern logos and icons for SageMath.

There is also a repository on Github: github.com/sagemath/artwork.


Logos with translated motto

attachment:logo_sagemath_opensource.svg attachment:logo_sagemath_opensource_fr.svg

attachment:logo_sagemath_opensource_it.svg attachment:logo_sagemath_opensource_de.svg

attachment:logo_sagemath_opensource_nl.svg attachment:logo_sagemath_opensource_ru.svg

attachment:logo_sagemath_opensource_jp.svg attachment:logo_sagemath_opensource_kr.svg


Logos for web components

attachment:logo_sagemath_trac.svg attachment:logo_sagemath_wiki.svg

attachment:logo_sagemath_git.svg attachment:logo_sagemath_ask.svg


attachment:icon_sagemath_round.svg attachment:icon_sagemath_round_v2.svg attachment:logo_v3.svg attachment:sticker_sage.svg




Color scheme

White on blue background

Artwork on github Marketing Resources Images of website

Terms of Usage

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