Preliminaries for Building Python / Sage on Windows

This wiki is a repository for my notes on software / scripts I needed or used to get Python/Sage building under windows.

Compiler / Development Environment

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Other stuff

  1. GnuWin32
    To get access to gzip/tar, I downloaded those packages. You can also just download all the packages.
    All the packages get installed by default to %ProgramFiles%\GnuWin32\, and the .exe files reside in %ProgramFiles%\GnuWin32\bin\

  2. Subversion Client
    Needed to get the updated source of the libraries that Python 2.6 depends on. I downloaded mine from

  3. Cvs Client
    Needed to get the latest version of the source for PyWin32.
    I downloaded mine from

  4. Set up some scripts to help yourself.
    Make a windows shell script to setup your environment.
    Make a file named something like %USERPROFILE%\my_sage_env.cmd.
    A good one to get started is something like:

echo off
echo "Running CMD w/ special environment variables set..."
set PATH=%PATH%;%ProgramFiles%\GnuWin32\bin;%ProgramFiles%\CollabNet Subversion Client
echo on

D:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /K %USERPROFILE%\my_sage_env.cmd

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