Hacking Python to build on VS2k8

Only what we want and to behave how we want

  1. First we don't want to include any BSD stuff or tcl/tk stuff so we turn that off that build.
    1. Open PCBuild\pcbuild.sln with visual studio.
    2. Right click on "Solution 'pcbuild'..." at the top of the solution explorer window, select 'properties' at the bottom of the pull down menu.
    3. select 'configuration properties'
    4. Make sure the following projects build checkbox are UNCHECKED:
      1. _bsddb
      2. _hashlib
      3. _ssl
      4. _tkinter
      5. bdist_wininst
    5. Make sure all other projects build checkbox are CHECKED.
    6. Sanity Check on Python 2.6 you should have 21 projects built and 5 skipped.
  2. Also, we don't want to call the registry because our python is "rogue" in the sense that we want it to exist by itself under the sage directory.
    1. Comment out the calls to getpythonregpath(...) in the function calculate_path(...) in file PC\getpathp.c.

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