Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation for Python projects (or other documents consisting of multiple reStructuredText sources), written by Georg Brandl. It was originally created to translate the new Python documentation, but has now been cleaned up in the hope that it will be useful to many other projects.


Modified BSD

SPKG Maintainers

Mike Hansen <[email protected]>

Upstream Contact

Author: Georg Brandl <georg at python org> Home Page: http://sphinx.pocoo.org/


This depends on Jinja >= 1.1, Pygments>=0.8, and docutils>=0.4.

Special Update/Build Instructions

A patch was added to support highlighting the "sage:" prompts.


0.5 (Mike Hansen, December 1st, 2008)

svn 66476 (Mike Hansen, September 15th, 2008)

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