From LinBox is a C++ template library for exact, high-performance linear algebra computation with dense, sparse, and structured matrices over the integers and over finite fields.


LGPL V2 or later


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linbox-1.1.6 (Clement Pernet, Sept 18th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.6rc1 (Clement Pernet, Aug 12th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.6.p0 (Michael Abshoff, July 21st, 2008)

linbox-1.1.6 (Clement Pernet, June 14th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5.p6 (Michael Abshoff, May 18th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5.p5 (Michael Abshoff/William Stein, May 16, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5.p4 (Michael Abshoff, April 15th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5.p3 (Michael Abshoff, April 15th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5.p2 (Michael Abshoff, April 9th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5.p1 (Clement Pernet, April 4th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5 (Clement Pernet, April 2nd, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5rc2.p7 (Michael Abshoff, April 1st, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5rc2.p6 (Michael Abshoff, March 22nd, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5rc2.p5 (William Stein, March 17th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5rc2.p4 (Clement Pernet)

linbox-1.1.5rc2.p3 (Clement Pernet, William Stein, March 10th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5rc2.p2 (Michael Abshoff, March 10th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5rc2.p1 (Clement Pernet, March 4th, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5rc2.p0 (Michael Abshoff, March 3rd, 2008)

linbox-1.1.5rc2 (Clement Pernet, March 2nd, 2008)

2007-12-16 (Michael Abshoff)

2007-11-13 (Michael Abshoff)

2007-10-29: (Michael Abshoff)

2007-09-03 (Michael Abshoff)

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