Sage 3.3 on Solaris x86 build notes

Note: This page is outdated. Please check the main Solaris bit porting page for the current status.

3.3.alpha6 on SOLARIS

Builds out of the box, but does not have the following fixes:

Open issues: There are less than ten issues left to fix and some of them already have fixes that need to be cleaned up. All but three issues are identical on both x86 and Sparc:

Doctest failures on Solaris sparc/mark

Doctest failures on Solaris x86/fulvia


Trivial to fix numerical noise:

sage -t  "devel/sage/sage/rings/polynomial/"
File "/home/mabshoff/build-3.3.alpha4/sage-3.3.alpha4-fulvia/devel/sage/sage/rings/polynomial/", line 270:
    sage: complex_roots(x^2 + 27*x + 181)
    [(-14.61803398874990?..., 1), (-12.3819660112501...? + 0.?e-27*I, 1)]
    [(-14.61803398874990? + 0.?e-27*I, 1), (-12.3819660112501?, 1)]

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