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=== Notebook and worksheets ===

  * [[https://trac.sagemath.org/query?order=id&desc=1&status=!closed&summary=~sagenb|open tickets whose summary contains sagenb]]
  * [[https://trac.sagemath.org/query?order=id&desc=1&status=!closed&summary=~sws|open tickets whose summary contains sws]]
  * [[https://trac.sagemath.org/query?order=id&desc=1&status=!closed&summary=~worksheet|open tickets whose summary contains worksheet]]
  * [[https://trac.sagemath.org/query?order=id&desc=1&status=!closed&summary=~sagenb&summary=~sws&summary=~worksheet|open tickets whose summary contains sagenb or sws or worksheet]]
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Samuel Lelièvre (slelievre)

Usernames: slelievre on Sage's ask, trac and wiki; slel on GitHub; slelievre on Bitbucket.

Topics of interest in Sage

Some Sage wiki pages

I'm interested in the following pages on SageMath's wiki.

Some Sage trac queries and tickets

Bindings, interfaces, libraries, packages, updates, upgrades

Regressions, speed

Notebook and worksheets

Sage days and similar events [a]ttended or [o]rganized

Sage user group in Paris

Other tutorials and presentations of Sage

Sage in teaching

  • M1-MAO-CF: mathématiques assistées par ordinateur, option Calcul formel; Orsay, 2015--2016
  • préparation à l'agrégation externe de mathématiques, épreuve orale de modélisation, option C; Orsay, 2014--2016
  • préparation à l'agrégation interne de mathématiques, épreuve orale d'exemples et exercices; Orsay, 2014--2016

Contributions to Sage

Professional webpage



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