In order of priority:

  1. Pynac -- mhansen+burcin will have a patch soon
  2. Solaris 10 -- about 7 remaining bugs for 32 bit Sparc and x86, some rather difficult. [to satisfy this goal, user will have to build custom toolchain, and we're only really going for this working on two specific machines on skynet]
  3. Doctest 75% -- plan given below
  4. OS X 64-bit -- doesn't start up due to libSingular issue, but after that, probably 5 tests [to satisfy this goal, it is only necessary that it is easy to build *binaries*, and it only has to support Intel. It's not necessary that any random user can just type "make" and have everything trivially work].
  5. Remove deprecated quaddouble.spkg

Good idea to fix:

  1., and update to upstream version.

  2. Update so that it includes Ubuntu-8.04.LTS

Doctest to 75%