The legacy sage notebook is deprecated and not available under Python 3.

Please use instead the Jupyter notebook.

This page needs to be cleaned up, as many of these issues have been addressed.

This is close to what I had in mind. Some drawbacks to this approach: --There should be a nice way to attach a data file to the current worksheet rather than having to go to the data file's page, and select which worksheet you want to link it to from there. --It is much easier to edit code in the notebook cells than in the provided data box. --It's not easy to tell which data files are accessible from a given worksheet. What I had in mind for two was that when you attached another worksheet (via some drop-down menu or ...) then all of its cells would be evaluated on startup in the current worksheet's namespace. This would allow one to interactively write and test functions that can easily be used from other worksheets.

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