The legacy sage notebook is deprecated and not available under Python 3.

Please use instead the Jupyter notebook : "sage -n jupyter"


The Notebook is a web browser based GUI for Sage.

Current developers

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Past Developers

Current projects

Separate the notebook and expect interfaces from Sage

Source code documentation

William Stein and Timothy Clemans

Currently done:


TRAC ticket 2936


Bug hunting

Version 2.0

Just for the record: Harald Schilly will start gathering information soon on how to reimplement the whole notebook, targeting all issues with the current one and for easier development, etc. My idea is to use high level scripts for dynamic and stable layouts, everything held together by the GWT Version 1.5 (since there are major improvements) or higher. This enables to communicate with basic JS libraries through JSNI, Unit testing for every function of the notebook, much faster development and less code since it is compressed and optimized and last but not least it's easyer to work with a GUI. It would also be easy to work on this, if the notebook code is separated from the Sage core (xmlrpc communication?) to allow modularization and parallel development without mixing up things.

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