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[[http://opendreamkit.org/2018/02/21/position-paris-sud/|Research Software Engineer position at Université Paris-Sud]],
Interviews in early Spring 2018 in view of hiring as soon as possible.
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[[http://opendreamkit.org/2018/02/21/position-paris-sud/|Research Software Engineer position]] at Université Paris-Sud,
interviews took place in March 2018.

Jobs involving SageMath

List below, in reverse chronological order, future, present and past jobs or job offers involving SageMath.

See also LinkedIn pages mentioning SageMath.

Open offers

2018: Sage coding job on combinatorial Hopf algebras, ~3 months, at Hong Kong Baptist University, flexible start date any time in 2018. [ Job offer as pdf ]

2017: Cyber Security: How to Become a Cryptographer?

Current projects and past offers

2018-02: Research Software Engineer position at Université Paris-Sud, interviews took place in March 2018.

2016: "SageMath, Inc." team expanded. Several people are working full time on CoCalc.

2015-06: Job offers at OpenDreamKit. Led to employing Erik Bray and Jeroen Demeyer.

2014-10: ACTIS: Algebraic Coding Theory. Runs from 10/2014 to 10/2016. Employs David Lucas as full-time developer.

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