Internationalization of Sage Notebook

Internationalization is the adaptation of products for potential use virtually everywhere, while localization is the addition of special features for use in a specific locale. For those new to the topic, "i18n" is a short-hand for "Internationalization" referring to the 18 letters between the I and and N. Similarly, "l10n" is shorthand for "localization". For more information, see the section "Useful Links".

Note that this is only about the notebook. There are other efforts at translation of various documentation, such as on on this wiki for Italian, and at least some of Sage's tutorial or "tour" is currently translated into various languages. Please email sage-devel or open Trac tickets!

Project information

The initial pieces of the project are now complete. As of the end of 2014, we have the Sage notebook in seven languages.

We would love to have more! Among other requests we have had are

Also, maintaining translations is an ongoing job.

Old project description

This project would involve changing the Sage notebook so that the user interface language can be translated and changed on the fly. This project will require knowledge of Python, Mercurial, and basic web coding; knowing the GNU gettext utilities, Javascript, and the Jinja web templating system will be helpful. No knowledge of (human!) languages other than English is necessary.

Languages Requested

There have been repeated requests to localize Sage into different languages. Below is an alphabetical list of the requested languages:

If your language is missing please add it. In addition if you are willing to help out translating please add your name to the language in question.

Localization in Progress

sage-notebook thread about i18n translations

Ticket #9428 - Internationalize the Sage Notebook

To avoid duplication:

This page is about code internationalization. The translation of the documentation itself is an orthogonal issue that will be discussed elsewhere. Below is a list of resources on the web to get started in this project:

Potential Problems

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