Note by mabshoff: The remarks below by Bryan Newbold do not reflect the situation with Sage 3.0.2 or higher. Many of the issues below have already been fixed due to the porting work to a pure Solaris build, i.e. without the GNU tools.

Notes on building Sage 2.10.2 by Bryan Newbold

Here are some preliminary notes for getting sage-2.10.2 to compile:

* replace path to bash in scripts (or temporarily ln -s /usr/local/bin/bash /bin/bash)
* remove "-i" option from tar commands in scripts (mostly local/bin/sage-spkg)

to make *freebsd version:
    extract origninal .tar
    enter directory and sed all scripts:
        /usr/bin/sed -i "" -e 's|#!/bin/bash|#!/usr/bin/env bash|g' sage* spkg*
        /usr/bin/sed -i "" -e 's| tar | gtar |g' sage* spkg*
    patch sage-spkg from /files/
    patch sage-env from /files/
    then re-tar:
        tar cf sage_scripts-2.10.3freebsd.spkg sage_scripts-2.10.3freebsd

for eclib:
    /usr/bin/sed -i "" -e 's| make | gmake |g' spkg-*
    /usr/bin/sed -i "" -e 's| make | gmake |g' `find . -iname Makefile`
    vim src/procs/Makefile #(get last make by hand)
    tar cf eclib-20080127.p1freebsd.spkg eclib-20080127.p1freebsd

for freetype:
    vim src/configure (make -> gmake)

for fortran:
    requires gfortran, g95, or g77: pkg_add -r g95
    f77 also possible with SAGE_FORTRAN?

for lapack:
    add ARCHIVER=ar to src/Makefile and replace ARCH with ARCHIVER in src/SRC/Makefile

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