Trac Guidelines for Sage

Requesting a Trac Account

To prevent spam, we have had to disable anonymous creation and editing of tickets. Please check the details here: The account name should be non-silly, i.e. no first names, no leet-handles. Ideally it should be the first character of your first name together with your last name. It is also recommended that it should be identical or at least close to your Google group's handle. The password currently cannot be changed by the user.

Anonymous Bug Reports

If you don't have an account at the trac system to report directly, don't worry! You are still encouraged to report any possible bug to:

Make sure to include:

Thank you in advance for reporting bugs to improve Sage in the future!

Opening Tickets

Reviewing Tickets

Reasons To Invalidate Trac Tickets

Milestones vs. Releases

Assigning Tickets

Working On Tickets


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