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[[http://opendreamkit.org/2017/04/06/WomenInSage/|Read the event report on the OpenDreamKit blog]]

Sage Days 82 : Women in Sage (2017)

January 9 - 13, 2017 Paris area, France

Official French title and pun: Les SageMath Femmes

Read the event report on the OpenDreamKit blog

These Sage days are a special event for women* who develop in SageMath or wish to learn Sage. They will include introduction presentations, self training, and teamwork on specific projects.

This event is fully funded by the OpenDreamKit project.

*The application / invitation process is limited to women, nevertheless all activities of the workshop will be public and open to every one.


Viviane Pons is a researcher in combinatorics and a Maître de conférences (associate professor) in Paris-Sud University (Orsay). She is part of the OpenDreamKit project and has been using and contributing to Sage since 2010.

Jennifer Balakrishnan works in number theory and arithmetic geometry. She is the Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor at Boston University. She has been using and contributing to Sage since 2006.

Jessica Striker's research is in combinatorics, with connections to algebra, geometry, and physics. She is an assistant professor at North Dakota State University and has been contributing to Sage since 2013.


The workshop is mostly organized at a rented house in Ris-Orangis (Paris area, RER D):


19 bis avenue des Marronniers - 91130 RIS-ORANGIS (around 30 kilometers soth-east of Paris)

Monday morning, we will be at Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris.

Instruction to go to the house:

by train: RER D, station "Ris-Orangis".

From Roissy airport: take RER B up to Gare du Nord then change to RER D to Ris-Orangis (direction Corbeil Essone, check on the board that the train goes there)

From Orly Airport : take Orly bus to Denfert Rochereau, then RER B to Chatelet les Halles (direction north) then RER D to Ris-Orangis (direction Corbeil Essone, check on the board that the train goes there). Another option is to take Orlyval to Antony where you can take the RER B to Chatelet les Halles.


Applications are now closed, The house is full! Nevertheless, even though we cannot provide more lodging, you are free to join us during the day. Please let us know by sending an email to: [email protected] .


Monday 01/09

Tuesday 01/10

Wednesday 01/11

Thursday 01/12

Friday 01/13


Sage introduction workshop

Short presentations
from participants



Leaving the house (9:30AM)


Back to the house
Short presentations
from participants


Writing Python packages


Coding Cafe with Pyladies
(Paris, location TBA)

Monday talks

  • Alba
  • Eleni
  • Lama
  • Manon
  • Christelle
  • Judith
  • Justine

Tuesday talks

  • Anna, Elisa, Sorina
  • Evgeniya
  • Ekaterina
  • Rachel
  • Turku

SD 82 on SMC

SMC project (Email one of the organizers if you need access)

Workshop photo

The workshop photo is here.


  • Mary Baker, Tarleton State Univ.
  • Jennifer Balakrishnan, Boston Univ.
  • Judith Braunsteiner, TU Wien
  • Justine Falque, Univ. Paris-Sud
  • Emily Gunawan, Gustavus Adolphus College
  • Sorina Ionica, Univ. de Picardie
  • Evgeniya Ishchukova, Southern Fed. Univ. Taganrog
  • Rachel Karpman, The Ohio State University
  • Elisa Lorenzo García, Univ. Rennes 1
  • Alba Marina Málaga Sabogal, Paris 8
  • Ekaterina Maro, Southern Fed. Univ. Taganrog
  • Turku Ozlum CELIK, Univ. Rennes 1
  • Viviane Pons, Univ. Paris-Sud
  • Christelle Rovetta, UPMC
  • Marie-Françoise Roy, Univ. Rennes 1
  • Anna Somoza, Univ. Politectica de Catalunya
  • Manon Stipulanti, Univ. Liege
  • Jessica Striker, North Dakota State
  • Lama Tarsissi, Univ. Savoie Mont-Blanc
  • Eleni Tzanaki, Univ. of Crete


Combinatorics of words

Lama: Christoffel words, Stern-Brocot tree, Continued fraction, Balanced words.

Manon: Pascal triangles, k-regular sequences, abstract numeration systems, Cobham's theorems.

Discrete Geometry

Eleni: polytopes, Minkowski sum, Minkowski decomposition, hyperplane arrangements

Algebraic combinatorics

Judith: combinatorial representation theory, special orthogonal group, vacillating tableaux, branching rules

Emily: Cluster algebras, Laurent Phenomenon algebras, algebraic combinatorics, frieze pattern

Rachel: positroids, cluster algebras, flag varieties, networks

Justine: Permutation groups, profile, age algebra, relational structures

Viviane: Weak order, Tamari lattice, posets

Jessica: Plane partitions, tableaux, alternating sign matrices

Abstract Algebra

Mary: Quantum Shuffle Algebra, KLR Algebra, PBW Bases

Algorithms in real algebraic geometry

Marie-Françoise: Topology of real algebraic curves, subresultants

Perfect Simulation

Christelle: Markov chains, queueing networks, perfect simulation

Dynamical Systems

Alba: Wind trees, ergodic theory, billiards, flat surface, infinite measure preserving maps

Number Theory

Anna: Schottky problem, Sato-Tate conjecture

Turku Ozlum: geometry, algebra, cryptography

Arithmetic geometry

Elisa: Low genus curves, curves invariants, jacobians curves.


Sorina Ionica: curve-based cryptography, number theory, algorithms

Cryptanalysis of block ciphers

Ekaterina: solving nonlinear systems of equations, SAT solving, algebraic cryptanalysis

Evgeniya: Block cipher, cryptanalysis, secret key, parallel computations


Invariant of curves

Anna, Elisa, Sorina

Kummer surface

Turku Ozlum

Sage Package for Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier (KLR) algebras


Snake graph cluster algebra



Implement plane partitions, descending plane partitions, increasing tableaux


Status Reports


  • gave some presentations: sage intro, how to contribute, how to develop a package
  • created a bunch of trac accounts
  • answered many questions about sage, trac, git etc. Helped people with first contributions and first codes
  • organized this whole week!


  • Gave a presentation on “introduction to Sage + number theory”
  • Did 5 built-from-source installations on SMC
  • Set up git terminals for development on SMC
  • worked on trac #22178 with Jessica to improve documentation (Sage Developer’s Guide)
  • Answered questions about Sage and trac
  • Helped people push their first contributions to trac (some on local installations, some on SMC)
  • Edited instructions on wiki on “how to develop Sage on SMC”


  • unfortunately participated only the two last days of the meeting
  • made a few computations and pictures using SAGE to include in the paper on the complexity of computing the topology of real algebraic curves she is currently finalizing with coauthors Daouda Niang Diatta, Seny Diatta, Fabrice Rouillier and Michael Sagraloff
  • understood how to use inside Sage her current experimental version of the Maxima software Sarag (Some Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry) based on her book Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry coauthored with Saugata Basu and Richard Pollack
  • gave a presentation to the group of the International Mathematical Union Committee for Women in Mathematics http://www.mathunion.org/cwm/


  • Gave a presentation about “arithmetic via Kummer Surfaces”
  • Progressed on coding in Python for the aim of developing Sage.
  • Understood implementation of classes in Python
  • Implemented the class of Kummer Surfaces (not generic)
  • Implemented some methods in the class which allows arithmetic on Kummer Surfaces
  • Understood writing documentations/descriptions for classes, methods..
  • Progressed on using Sage trac system


  • Gave a presentation about “physical exhibits for mathematical communication”
  • Understood how export to stl format works so far in Sage.

  • Reviewed and validated a ticket related to this subject.
  • Started using trac.sagemath.org (two tickets : one defect reported and one review) and the googlegroup sage-devel.
  • Started working on a library of plot3d examples from Herwig Hauser’s gallery of singularities.


  • Gave a presentation about cluster algebras and frieze patterns.
  • Set positive review to ticket #22160 (cluster algebra ClusterSeed documentation).

  • Helped review the documentation for the following tickets:
  • Answered some questions about the workflow of reviewing and editing tickets for SageMath. Gave some suggestions in regards to git and new tickets #22171 (new MotzkinWord class) and #22187 (bounded_affine_permutation in Permutation class).

  • Continued work on my old ticket #19160 (new class SnakeGraphs).

  • Acted as a sounding board when Jennifer Balakrishnan was setting up individual git terminals on SMC at the beginning of the week.


  • Gave a presentation about “high-speed implementation and analysis of GOST R 34.12-2015”
  • Progressed on coding in Python for the aim of developing Sage.
  • Understood implementation of classes in Python
  • Implemented the class the precomputed tables for Kuznyechik cipher
  • Implemented some functions which needed to do enciphering by Kuznyechik
  • Took part in the discussion of the parallelism in the sage


  • Gave a short talk on Generalized Pascal triangles and binomial coefficients of words;
  • Understood the link between Lama Tarsissi’s work and mine;
  • Worked together with Lama on her project of finding all the paths in the Stern-Brocot tree that minimize a specific sequence (this project required Sage);
  • Talked with Emily about a possible link between frieze pattern and binomial coefficient of words.


  • Gave a talk on the WB about the Christofel words and Stern-brocot tree.
  • Got interested by the work and the link between my work and Manon Stipulanti’s work which pushes us to have a common project.
  • Using Sage, we had a step further in our research.
  • Had lot of discussions with Emily Gunawan who tried to understand our work and find the link to hers.


  • gave a short talk about SYT, orthogonal LR-tableaux and vacillating paths
  • learned to use git and trac and how to implement combinatorial classes
  • implemented the combinatorial class Motzkin Words (including the iterator) – ticket #22171


  • Gave presentation: “Algebraic Analysis of the Magma cipher in SageMath”.

  • Improved my skills on Python programming.
  • Started using trac.sagemath.org and create account.
  • Created on trac new branch #22182: Magma encryption algorithm.
  • Progressed on using and developing in SageMath (trac hub, classes, methods, documentations, testing).

Sorina, Elis and Anna

  • Gave a presentation about invariants of curves of low genus.
  • Implemented Shioda invariants in Sage.
  • Started using trac.sagemath.org and the sage git repository.
  • Created new ticket #22173 with our implementation, now in needs_review status pending on the correction of some small details.
  • Almost implemented the reconstruction of a genus 3 hyperelliptic curve from Shioda invariants in Sage. A second ticket for this part is on his way.
  • Learned about parallel computing in Sage, ran a few tests and look at the timings to get an idea about parallel efficiency.


  • Gave a presentation on “Perfect sampling for closed queuing networks”
  • Started to implement a Sage package
  • Learned about how to make a Sage package

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