Sage/Singular Days Projects

Update Singular spkg

People: Simon, Burcin, Martin

working on prerelease of Sage-4.7.2.alpha3 dated Sept 19, 2012 md5sum: ad021855ae07ecdd1cdcc7b973c9cdba

Update the Singular interface to work with libpolys

People: Volker, Burcin, Oleksandr

Fix the building of spielwiese Singular (libpolys)

People: Volker, Oleksandr

Refactored Singular should pass it's test suite

People: Burcin, Oleksandr, Hans, Volker

Bug hunt through Singular kernel code. An adventure no hacker can resist.

Compiler warnings


There are lots of compiler warnings...


People: Oleksandr

Try out some dynamic modules

People: Oleksandr

Blackbox objects

People: Oleksandr

Interface to Singular's modules

People: Hiep, Burcin, Simon

Review Simon's letterplace patches

People: Simon, Burcin, Alexander (offsite)

Plural interface

People: Burcin, Simon, Alexander (offsite)

Exponent overflow

People: Simon

Use libpolys for function field arithmetic

People: Burcin

FLINT integration in Singular

People: Fredrik, MartinL, Christian

Beginner tickets

People: Hiep, Burcin to practice preparing and submitting patches, for people new to the Sage development process:

Fast containers for objects and morphisms of a category

People: Simon

Improve/Review citation library

People: Niels, Burcin, (and somebody else?)

#3317 bitbucket

Fix reference counting of Singular rings

People: Volker, Burcin, Martin

Review PolyBoRi 0.8.0 patch

People: Martin, Alexander (offsite)

Martin reviewed it mathematically. The patch was rebased to 4.7.2alpha3, the spkg got the improved sse2-flags detection from 0.8.1. (Final) tests are running currently.

Review linbox for modn dense matrices patch

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