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Sage Days 24 
on Differential Algebra and Special Functions

July 17-22, 2010

Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, Linz, Austria

The objective of this workshop is to
 * provide a gentle introduction to Sage (installation, features,
   tutorials on basic usage and development), and
 * bring differential algebra, special functions and symbolic
   computation communities together, to improve the facilities provided
   by Sage to support research in these fields.


 * Peter Paule (RISC, Austria)
 * Alban Quadrat (INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France)
 * William Stein (University of Washington, USA)
 * Nico Temme (CWI, The Netherlands)
 * Felix Ulmer (IRMAR, France)

The workshop will feature mathematical talks, presentations on Sage
and coding sprints. It will be accessible to researchers at all levels,
even those without any experience with Sage.

There is a limited number of open slots for contributed talks. If
you're interested in giving a talk please send an abstract to
the organizers.


Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under
the GPL. It combines the power of many existing open-source packages
into a common Python-based interface. You will find more information
about Sage on the website:

Sage days have been wildly successful, helping to grow the developer
community so that it is now the world's largest and most diverse open
source mathematical software development effort.


There will be a registration fee of 40 Euros.

Online registration will be available through the RISC Summer 2010
pages at the beginning of April 2010. You will also be able to book
hotel rooms in Hagenberg during registration.

Feel free to email the organizers beforehand if you intend to
participate. You can also subscribe to the workshop mailing list for
further announcements:

It is strongly recommended that participants bring their own laptop,
as the number of on-site computers is limited.

More information regarding this event is available at:

We have some funding to offer support for accommodation and in limited
cases travel expenses to participants from the European Community Member
States (except Austria) and Associated States. A link to the
application form is also available at the above website.

Sincerely Yours,
The organizing committee Burcin Erocal, Ralf Hemmecke and Temur Kutsia

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