Global Virtual Sage Days 112.358

An online event on open-source mathematical software with the SageMath users and developers around the globe

The fully virtual event will take place June 1–3, 2022, during the 50 hours when it is June 2, 2022 in some timezone in the world:

Sage Days are gatherings of people interested in SageMath, from newcomers to contributors. Sage Days have been organized as local, regional, or international in-person meetings by a wide range of people around the globe. Because of the ongoing global health crisis, Sage Days 112.358 (why this number?) will be a fully virtual event following the model of Sage Days 109 and Sage Days 110

About SageMath

SageMath, or Sage for short, is a mature, comprehensive, free (open-source) mathematics software system based on Python, licensed under the GNU General Public License, that integrates computer algebra facilities and general computational packages.

Sage, first released in 2005, in over a decade of incubation in the SageMath distribution, comprising 293 software packages, has grown its own library of 1000 Cython and over 4400 Python modules, ranging from sage.algebras.* over sage.geometry.* to sage.tensor.*, with a total of over 2.2 million lines of code.

How to register and participate

Schedule, videos, and talk slides

The detailed schedule, title, abstracts, videos, and supplementary materials of the talks are found on

Session 1: Introduction

Wednesday June 1, 14:45–15:45 UTC. Session chair: Jean-Philippe Labbé

Session 2: Fresh Numerics from Upstream

Wednesday June 1, 16:00–18:45 UTC. Session chair: Matthias Köppe

Session 3: Sage Modularization and Packaging Summit

Wednesday June 1, 19:00–23:59 UTC

Session 4: Visualization and Local Connections

Thursday June 2, 06:00–12:00 UTC. Session chairs: Jean-Philippe Labbé; local organizers

Session 5: SageMath Developer Community and Google Summer of Code

Thursday June 2, 14:45–18:00 UTC. Session chair: Yuan Zhou

Session 6: Symbolic System Symposium

Thursday June 2, 18:00–23:59 UTC. Session chair: Matthias Köppe

Session 7: Sage Teaching Forum

Friday June 3, 11:00–11:59 UTC. Session chair: Jean-Philippe Labbé


You can also join the Zulip #sd112.358 stream to contact the organization team.

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