Sage Day 108: Free and Practical Software for Algebraic Combinatorics 2020 [canceled]

International Workshop on Free and Practical Software for Algebraic Combinatorics

The workshop will focus on introducing the free mathematical software system SageMath to students and researchers, with emphasis on algebraic combinatorics. All are invited to participate, regardless of their initial software skills - from beginners to experienced developers.

Coronavirus Update

The FPSAC 2020 organizers have wrote: "The ongoing Coronavirus epidemic forces significant changes in all areas of life, including international events. FPSAC is no exception. After thorough deliberation with the executive committee, it was decided that FPSAC will not take place this year as a physical meeting."

The organizers have decided to cancel this international workshop as well.

Date and Venue

Date: 12 July 2020, the Sunday preceding FPSAC 2020.

Location: Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

Installing SageMath

As this is a one-day event, we recommend to have SageMath pre-installed on your computer before the workshop. You can do it either of the following ways:

If you do not want to install SageMath locally on your computer, you can get a free account on CoCalc. You will then be able to use SageMath via a web browser, but an internet connection is required.

Local Information

Highlights from the visitors page of the Department of Mathematics:

Financial Support

This event is supported by OpenDreamKit, the Horizon 2020 European Research Infrastructures project #676541.


Tomer Bauer (Bar-Ilan University, local organizer)

Mee Seong Im (United States Military Academy, Army Research Laboratory, and United States Naval Academy)

Travis Scrimshaw (University of Queensland)

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