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1. Sage Appliance Requirements

The Sage appliance (packaged virtual machine) can be used on any operating system that supports the free VirtualBox player, for example Microsoft Windows. Your computer must have at least 7 GB (!) of free disk space and at least 512 MB of RAM. The virtual machine can also be used with other hypervisors like VMware. However, unless you are already familiar with VMware, we recommend that you use VirtualBox. In our experience, it is easier for non-technical users.

2. Installation

2.1. Download VirtualBox

Download VirtualBox (available at Install it anywhere you want. Version 4 or later is required.

2.2. Download Sage

Download the file sage-x.y.z.ova (for example, sage-4.7.2.ova) from (select the location nearest to you).

2.3. Open VirtualBox

Open VirtualBox. Your screen should look like this:

2.4. Import the Sage Appliance

In VirtualBox, click on File, then Import Appliance:

You should see an Appliance Import Wizard window open:

Import the Sage appliance by clicking Choose then browsing for the file sage-x.y.z.ova downloaded earlier. Select the file and click Next.

It is recommended that you accept the settings that appear on the next window by clicking Finish:

The import will now begin. You should see a progress window:

3. Successful Installation

After you have successfully installed the Sage virtual appliance, your VirtualBox manager should now look like one of the following images:

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