Sage 9.5 Release Tour

current development cycle (2021)


Changes to symbolic expressions

Interface to Mathics, a free implementation of the Wolfram language

Sage now has an optional package providing Mathics, a free (open-source) general-purpose computer algebra system featuring Mathematica-compatible syntax and functions, and an interface to it.#31778

Linear Algebra



Deprecated and removed functionality

Package upgrades

Modularization and packaging changes

The build system of the Sage library, sage_setup, is now provided by a separate distribution package sage-setup. The source tree is the subdirectory pkgs/sage-setup/ of the Sage git repository. #29847

The core of the symbolic expressions subsystem of Sage, an adaptation of the GiNaC library to Python known as Pynac, has been merged into the Sage library source code as src/sage/symbolic/ginac/; all future development of Pynac is intended to happen here. #32386

Availability of Sage 9.5 and installation help

The first beta release in the 9.5 development series was tagged on 2021-08-31.

More details

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