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Installing Sage on cloud.sagemath.com

#command to fetch Sage; substitute the URL for the most recent release of Sage at http://files.sagemath.org/linux/64bit/index.html

wget http://boxen.math.washington.edu/home/sagemath/sage-mirror/linux/64bit/sage-5.10-linux-64bit-ubuntu_12.04.2_lts-x86_64-Linux.tar.lzma

# Unpack the file. This should take about *TWO MINUTES* (71,870 files in there!)

tar xf *.tar.lzma

# Remove the .tar.lzma file now that you've unpacked it

rm *.tar.lzma

# Create a new symbolic link pointing sage at your directory

ln -s sage-5.10-linux-64bit-ubuntu_12.04.2_lts-x86_64-Linux sage

# Build and run Sage to make sure everything worked

cd sage; ./sage -br

Making worksheets use this version of Sage

# Go back to your home directory, if you're not already there

cd ~

# Make a directory called bin

mkdir bin

# Go to your new directory

cd bin

# Make a new symbolic link in bin pointing to your sage directory (assuming it is called sage)

ln -s ~/sage/sage .

# Hit the wrench icon and click the Worksheet Server button in the Restart ... section. This will make worksheets use your version of Sage.

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