Sage on HP-UX

Some versions of Linux, OS X and Solaris & OpenSolaris are supported by Sage - see for a complete list.

There are no official plans to support HP-UX, but some attempts have been made at building Sage on HP-UX. Where problems were found, fixes have been incorporated. For example

are all bugs affecting HP-UX, which have been fixed.

makes tests for certain compilers, including that of HP's compiler on HP-UX.

ALGLIB is a package not currently in Sage, but the developer has tested that on HP-UX

So whilst HP-UX is not a high priority, some work is being done. If you would like to contribute HP-UX patches, then please do so. Unfortunately, we know of no public access HP-UX systems, though David Kirkby will allow access to his own machine for short periods, but due to the high power consumption, can not run this 24/7 for long periods.

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