Gmane is a service that provides access to mailing lists (including for example Google Groups) via an NNTP interface. As the Sage discussion mailing lists are all on Google Groups, it is possible for us to register these lists with Gmane to allow people to participate using an NNTP client instead of the web interface of Google Groups or via their personal email inboxes.

Here is a list of our mailing lists (and some related ones) and their status with respect to Gmane registration.

Mailing List Gmane status
debian-sage OK
lmonade-devel Missing!
sage-algebra Missing!
sage-announce Missing!
sage-combinat-commits Missing!
sage-combinat-devel OK
sage-devel OK
sage-edu OK
sage-finance Missing!
sage-flame Missing!
sage-git Missing!
sage-grid Missing!
sage-gsoc Missing!
sage-marketing Missing!
sage-matroid Missing!
sage-notebook Registered; no access or no messages
sage-nt Missing!
sage-padics Missing!
sage-release Missing!
sage-solaris Missing!
sage-support OK
sage-trac Missing!
sage-trac-account Missing!
sage-uw Missing!
sage-windows Missing!

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