Hi! The page you're looking for probably would be devel, but hey, you're here.

A page to summarise and coordinate Sage development activity.


Instead of this wiki page, the development team now uses Sage's trac installation at http://trac.sagemath.org - please use trac and move open issues there.

Core arithmetic team

David Harvey, Martin Albrecht, Joel Mohler, Robert Bradshaw, William Stein

3D Graphics

Robert Bradshaw, Alex Clemesha, Robert Miller, Tom Boothby ...

Graph Theory Implementation

Emily Kirkman, Robert Miller, Bobby Moretti, Tom Boothby


Josh Kantor, William Stein, Tom Boothby


David Joyner, Bobby Moretti

Coding theory

David Joyner

Group theory

David Joyner


William Stein, David Joyner, Iftikhar Burhanuddin


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