This page aims at moving forward in the decision not to rely on old-style packaging system (therefore cleaning up all the Sage code that deals with that). See for the packages.

Packages that still require a decision

optional packages that still need to be classified

Here is the list of old-style optional packages for which it is not clear what to do (ignore, new-style repackage), they must eventually get moved to one of the classified lists.

unclassified experimental packages

Here is the list of old-style expermiental packages for which it is not clear whether they can be forgotten.

Since most of those packages are broken anyway, do not move them into some "please repackage me" section (unless you know how to let this happen and open a ticket for that).

unclassified non-mathematical packages

Here are non-mathematical packages that are not directly related to Sage.

Classified packages

packages that need to be new-style packaged

Put here the old-style packages from above that are interesting from the Sage perspective, do not put useless stuff here, only those you think are useful.

Packages that have a Sage interface, so these are likely of interest:

packages appearing in Sage documentation

Here is the list of old-style packages which appear in the Numerical Computing tutorial, see also #19198:

Superseded packages

Here are packages for which we found another way, hence can be removed.

Superseded packages with no replacement yet

This is installable via pip, but it is also outdated:

Already migrated to new style

Here are the packages that are already migrated new-style

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