Sage has two build bots.

Release Buildbot

The first builds entire tarballs (e.g. all the development releases) on a wide variety of machines. It can be found at .

Patch Buildbot

The second pulls and applies git branches from Trac and can be found at or from links on the individual Trac tickets. This is still very much a work in progress; the latest version of the code lives at (or at Eventually this will get moved into Sage where it can be edited using the standard procedures and more widely deployed. See ticket

If you want to run a patchbot on your machine, see this instruction page.

Lists of reports

You can see the status of several patches at the same time (replace xxxx by your user name) :

For the patches you participated in, see

For the patches you authored, see

Patch Status

The color of the report page icon indicates the status of the patch. See the report page itself for more details. The possible statuses are: New* Pending A patchbot is currently running on this patch. TestsPassed Everything is okay, as far as a patchbot can tell. ApplyFailed The patch could not be applied. This can be caused by conflicts with other patches or dependencies. BuildFailed The patch can be applied, but sage failed to build. TestsFailed One or more tests did not succeed. PluginFailed Documentation, commit messages and trailing whitespaces should be checked. PluginOnlyFailed Documentation, commit messages and trailing whitespaces should be checked. Tests have not been made. PluginOnly Only Documentation, commit messages and trailing whitespaces have been validated. Tests have not been made. NoPatch No patch has been uploaded to Trac so far. The patchbot has nothing to do. Spkg This is not related to a patch but to a spkg. The patchbot is not concerned.

Hints and tricks

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